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Since 2001 C. & C. Ecologia deals with brokering and trading of dangerous special waste and it's subscribed to Albo Nazionale Gestori Ambientali Sezione Regionale Lombardia (Environmental supervisors' national register - Lombardy's regional section).

In 2006, C. & C. has opened a production unit in Albavilla (CO) with provincial authorization for storage, processing and recovery of non-dangerous waste deriving from industry and post-consumption. Afterwards, it has been specifically addressed to PP / PE-HD plastic materials processing and recovery, mainly derived from the automotive industry, like bumpers and tanks.

C. & C. has become one of the most important realities in plastic waste processing (in particular for PP / PE-HD), standing out of reference market thanks to PHI system - patented ITA-EU-USA and realized according to latest and highest quality and safety standards.

This technology, along with the quickly assimilated know-how and the concrete experience gained since 2008, allows C. & C. to offer its customers a homogeneous product of the highest quality with a 99% certified purity degree.


> To satisfy a requirement
In 2010 we have the idea to build a more performing recycling system with an innovative plastic waste recycling process for recovering PP / PE-HD rigid plastics from post-consumption, in particular bumpers and tanks.
> Design and tests
Researchs and planning lasting over 3 years, a test of 2000 tons
allowed us to redefine the whole process by revolutionizing the concept of already known recycling systems.
> The result
C. & C. has managed to achieve a performing response to the new needs of the post-consumption plastic recycling market thanks to PHI system.
The procedure, the innovative and integrated washing system and the interconnection between the machines have brought the efficiency of the whole process to the highest levels: performance, quality and low consumption.

Nowadays, thanks to PHI system, C. & C . has become one of the most established companies in processing highest quality plastics, distinguishing itself from the rest of the market.


PHI system's new technologies and the quickly assimilated know-how, allow us to offer our customers a homogeneous product of the highest quality and with a 99% certified purity degree.

Thanks to its modularity and extreme flexibility,
PHI system is the best solution for every kind of configuration and production requirement.


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PHI plastic recycling system is a product with great potentials, thanks to its unique technical features
and special patents.
The system is already working for presentations and demonstrations.


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more information!

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